‘Sciences and Arts: Similarities and Differences’ analysis and summary

Evidence/data: I would like to suggest that more meaningful classification of the domains would be along the following lines:

A. Logico-mathematical systems: logic, mathematics, computational science, …
B. Physical systems: physics, chemistry, astronomy, physical engineering…
C. Biological systems: medicine, zoology, botany, genetic engineering, …
D. Mental systems: psychology, Chomskian linguistics, …
E. Social systems: sociology, sociolinguistics, political science, economics, history, …

Assumptions: the writer assumes that people are accusing him for meaning there are no difference between science and art

P.O.V.: there are both differences and similarities between science and arts

Concepts: The traditional institutional division of university disciplines as “Sciences”, “Social Sciences” and “Arts” is in terms of their subject matter.  The term “sciences” refers to “natural sciences”, which includes physical sciences (physics, chemistry, astronomy, …) and biological sciences (human, animal and plant biology). The term “social sciences” refers to the study of the human societies (economics, politics, sociology…), and “arts” refers to disciplines like history, literature, and philosophy. I find this division very strange and difficult to understand. Why is psychology, which is the study of the human mind, a “social” science”? The kind of theoretical linguistics I do (Chomskian linguistics) defines its subject matter as the study of the mental linguistic system of human beings. Why is this classified as a “social” science?

Implications/consequences: this article may confirm the standing of the writer and demolish the doubt of people

Inferences: we can infer that the writer thinks that there are both differences and similarities between science and art

Purpose: the purpose of this article is to confirm the standing of the writer about the topic and demolish the people’s doubts

Question at issue: whether science and art are the same or not


Science and art have both similarities and differences. The similarity between them is that they are both studies about the world. However, there are many differences. We can tell their difference from their classifications, which are totally different. Also they have different properties. They, for instance physics and history, have different standards. Science, in some way, is more mathematical, quantitative and qualitative, experimental, amalgamative, revisable and explicit than art. While art focuses more on feelings, objections, word expressions and observations. Thus they are totally different.



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